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Hurricane Fabric’s Astroflex and Astroguard Products

We often receive inquiries asking the difference between the Astroflex and the Astroguard products.

Astroflex was the first generation of Hurricane Fabric protection. It was first introduced in the late 1990’s and is a Polypropylene material that is often referred to as Trampoline fabric. This type of   Hurricane Panel has evolved very little in the past 15 years. The Polypropylene type Hurricane Shutter meets the minimum impact requirements for code approval but has had other challenges. Some Polypropylene Hurricane Screen manufacturers have used a system of straps and buckles in an attempt to strengthen their product. This has proven unsuccessful, as the buckle system proved to be a failure point during Hurricane event deployment. As these Hurricane Screens were subject to high wind loading, buckle failure contributed to compromising the opening protection objectives.

Hurricane Fabric dealt with strengthening the Hurricane Panel by using our innovative Clip, which added flex to better absorb projectiles. Another issue facing the Polypropylene Hurricane Shutters, was their inherent requirement to be sewn and seamed. Although the Hurricane Fabric product only required sewing to prevent edge raveling, all other manufacturers needed to sew and seam the edges to accept  straps and buckle or pressed  in grommets. The grommet areas of these Hurricane Screens were then subject to the effects of UV thread degradation which further compromised the Hurricane Panel attachment points.

Hurricane Fabric LLC, decided to bring a better product to the Hurricane Shutter market and introduced Astroguard, which is a Ballistic-Grade Nylon fabric. Unlike previous polypropylene Hurricane Shutters, Astroguard does not require any sewing or seaming. Our patented Clip sandwiches the Fabric and is attached with stainless steel fasteners. Unlike other fabric Hurricane Panels, the Ballistic Nylon product can be field modified and cut if necessary. Additionally, the Astroguard Hurricane Screens go through a coating and sealing process that provides excellent UV stability.

Testing has proved the Astroguard Hurricane Screens to have a burst strength two times greater than the Polypropylene material. Astroguard has been tested to the Australian “Large Missile Impact Test” standard which is more than twice the U.S. standard (74 M.P.H vs 34 M.P.H.). Since the Astroguard is clearly a superior product, we have focused our marketing on Astroguard.

Although both Astroflex and Astroguard meet the Florida “Large Missile Impact Test”, only the Astroguard is approved for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone” (HVHZ), consisting of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Astroguard has all relevant code approvals including Florida Statewide, Texas Department of Insurance and is International Building Code compliant.