Protect or Replace your Garage Overhead Door ?

Florida’s Mitigation Inspection requires all openings to be Impact rated or be protected with an Impact rated device in order to receive the protection credit and discounts. We are often asked whether it is better to protect or replace your Overhead garage door. Since this opening is a large one, economics plays a big role in making the decision to replace or protect. Garage overhead doors are generally 8’ wide for a single bay garage and 16’ wide for a double bay garage and door heights are typically 7’.

If your Garage door is in good shape and functioning properly, it is hard to justify the investment in replacing it. The “payback” of this investment can be many, many years. Protecting your Garage door with Hurricane Fabric Panels is the most economically viable way to achieve the required “Large Missile Impact Rating”.

As most homeowners know, there is a wide variety of quality and style of garage doors and subsequently, prices also vary. Despite this, using Hurricane Fabric represents the fastest payback in the protection industry. With the easiest to deploy protection product, Hurricane Fabric is the choice of an increasing number of homeowners.

It should be noted that the cost of a door lift has not been included in this analysis. Impact rated Overhead Doors weigh significantly more than a non-impact models and often require a larger lift which will add $200 to $350 to the door replacement cost.

The table below demonstrates the economic advantages of using Hurricane Fabric. Savings from 43% to 90% are observed.

hur table

Note; The installed cost of Garage Overhead Doors were derived from the website of a major Home Improvement Store. Installed cost of Hurricane Fabric is typical for the retail market. DIY cost of Hurricane Fabric is our current pricing of $5.99 per sq. ft. (2015).


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