Hurricane Protection for Atrium Windows

Citizens insurance new clearinghouse program (“with the mission of demonstrating to Florida homeowners the state-backed property insurer isn’t necessarily their only or best option”- Sun-Sentinel) has generated a lot of excitement and confusion among Florida homeowners in 2014. While exploring insurance options, many homeowners have realized that they were not receiving the discount on their homeowners insurance they were entitled to; Subsequently, burning thousands of dollars unnecessarily each year. Hurricane Fabric was contacted by a homeowner that had all but one opening (atrium window pictured below) on their home protected with wind and impact A rated doors, windows or shutters. More expensive traditional hurricane protection such as impact glass and metal, roll-down, accordion, Colonial or Bahama Shutters could not be installed to protect this opening without costly and unattractive structural changes being made to the home. Therefore, the atrium remained unprotected, and the home uninsured from hurricane’s (all openings must be protected to obtain hurricane coverage- and as much as a 58% discount on homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida. Using our patented high modulus, multi attachment point, carbon fiber clip

 the homeowners were able to install A-rated hurricane protection for this challenging opening, and not compromise their financial or aesthetic sensibilities. Upon completion of this installation, the homeowners were able to obtain the Opening Protection “A” rating and enjoy a significant reduction in their annual Windstorm premiums. Every policy is different, and the savings are based on a number of variables; However, in this particular, and many other instances, the insurance savings will pay for the additional protection within a few months. Protect your home and your bottom line: install hurricane fabric, it’s a win-win!
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