Hurricane Fabric Product Approval Questions

We are often asked “what Product Approval do I need for my Hurricane Fabric application”. Product Approval requirements for Hurricane Panels are influenced by several factors. The most significant is the “Authority having Jurisdiction”. This means whomever has the permitting authority for the address where you are installing the Hurricane Panels. It can be a County, Township, Village or the State.

Let’s first discuss the State of Florida. Hurricane Fabric Products have both a Statewide Approval as well as a Miami Dade County Notice of Acceptance. The Florida Department of Business Regulation issues all Product Approvals and our Astroguard Hurricane Panels have Florida Product Approval #15208. Our Astroflex Hurricane Panels have Florida Product Approval #15186.

The State of Florida is comprised of the “Wind Born Debris Region” (WBDR) and the “High Velocity Hurricane Zone” (HVHZ). The HVHZ consists of only Miami-Dade and Broward counties with the rest of the state being the WBDR. Miami-Dade and Broward counties are the only area of the State that has its own Approval Standard. Both these counties use the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). This NOA differs from the Statewide Approval as it has a specific requirement for glass separation that is not required anywhere else in the state. It requires a minimum separation from the glass when the Hurricane Screen is under specified wind pressure. This separation requirement can be satisfied by the inherent window/door setback of construction or by the use of “Storm Bars”, “Offset Tracks, angle mounting or “tenting”. Hurricane Fabric Astroguard Hurricane Screens are approved for installation in the HVHZ under Miami-Dade county NOA #12-1004.02. Hurricane Fabric Astroflex Hurricane Screens do not have a Miami-Dade NOA and therefore cannot be installed in the HVHZ.

In the case of Florida Insurance Mitigation requirements, a protective device has to meet any one of the four listed testing standards;

• Miami-Dade County PA 201,202 and 203

• Florida Building Code Testing Application Standard (TAS) 201, 202 and 203

• American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E 1886 and E 1996

• Southern Standards Technical Documents (SSTD) 12

Our Florida State Product Approval makes reference to both TAS and ASTM testing approvals and are approved by all Insurance Carriers for Mitigation discounts.

Outside of the State of Florida several different approvals apply. In Texas, we are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance Product Evaluation SHU-204 which uses ASTM E testing standards. In many other coastal areas, both in the Gulf Coast and up the Eastern Seaboard, States are guided by the International Building Code (IBC) which refers to ASTM E testing protocols. Since these states have no product approval system, you need only show compliance with ASTM E1886 &  E1996. These standards are listed on page one of our engineering documents.

It should be noted that all Hurricane Fabric Hurricane Panels have Product Approval information labels for easy identification. All Hurricane Fabric Hurricane Screen Product Approvals are available on our website for convenient downloading at

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